Project Coordination Services

  • Setting up and organizing projects
  • Liaising between the project team and clients
  • Delegating and assigning project tasks
  • Managing project timelines and budgets
  • Establishing and maintaining project-related communication pipelines
  • Providing supports to project team members such as supplies, contacts, log-in information
  • Identifying project-related risks, and undertaking proactive steps for mitigation
  • Managing project reporting

Without a coordinator for your special or ongoing projects, these can fall by the wayside, or run amok.

Establishing a single point of oversight for projects ensures optimal trouble-shooting and organization, with an eye to completion by deadline, and within budget.

Boost’s project coordination services complement the expertise of your own in-house Project Manager, handling the moving parts of projects: team members, clients, costs, logistics, reporting, and follow-up.

Armed with problem solving acumen, communication skills, and big-picture thinking, Boost assists your business to control and execute your projects, with stellar results.

Our Project Management
Services include:

Smooth project launch

Coordinating project set-up, including task delegation, team communications, and outcomes strategy.

Robust project oversight

Regular care for the project including communications management, team support, and timeline / budget tracking.

Steadfast support of your own Project Manager

Providing support as needed, for your in-house Project Manager.

Seamless project wind-down and results compilation

Managing the end-of-project landing, including budget and outcomes reporting, and client satisfaction tracking.


Why Engage A Project Coordinator?

Boost’s Project Coordination Services are an efficient and cost-effective solution for keeping your projects on course.

This support ensures that projects remain on track and within budget, through dedicated and focused attention on the diverse ‘moving parts’ that drive success:

  • clear communications and expectations expressed to the project team;
  • client understanding of deliverables and timelines;
  • appropriate deployment of resources; and
  • iterative and fitting responses to variables as they arise.

Learn more about how our Project Coordination Services provide peace of mind and enhance predictability of your projects’ outcomes.

Contact or call us at 778-241-4760.

Why outsource project coordination services?

Prevent project details from falling through the cracks
Reduce worry about the status of projects
Ensure that your projects complete on time and within budget

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