Virtual Assistant: Do I Need One and What Do They Do?

Virtual assistants (VAs) can help you run your business. Or they can do work you don’t like to do. Or they can do work you can’t do. Or they can do a combination of these. Whatever you want a VA to do, one thing is for sure: they can help. But how? And who is a VA? Let’s look at this in detail.

What is a VA?

Simply put, a VA is an assistant who works virtually.

Entrepreneurs and online businesses that require assistance but do not require full-time staff are particularly in need of VAs. However, a lot of small and medium-sized businesses use VAs, particularly for specialized tasks like coordinating and preparing customer appointments.

Anything that a regular assistant might do can be done virtually. There are restrictions, but technology is providing more and more solutions to get around those restrictions.

Virtual support tasks go beyond simple administrative tasks. They could help with bookkeeping, data entry, marketing, and a variety of other services. Some virtual assistants only handle tasks associated with their chosen area of specialization or even specific industries.

do i need a va?

Who better to outline the top 10 reasons to hire a VA for your business than Time Doctor who says…..

  1. Reduced Costs – lowering salaries and operating costs
  2. Boost efficiency by outsourcing non-core tasks
  3. Frees up time for strategic thinking
  4. Gain access to specialized services
  5. Quickly scale your business operations
  6. Reduced micromanagement
  7. Offer 24/7 customer service
  8. Improve your startup’s chances of success
  9. Easy to hire a replacement
  10. Gain peace of mind and avoid burnout

The 10 reasons to hire a VA for your business are true, however, some telling signs that you need one affect you personally.

  • If you are living in a constant state of burnout
  • Feeling like you’re always behind with administrative tasks consuming most of your time
  • You don’t possess the skills needed for specific tasks
  • You’re having to turn away work that could help your business grow.

what can a vA do for my business?

Well, I think the list of what they can’t do for your business is smaller than what they can do but here are some ideas that you can have your VA do.

  • Customer Service and Management
    • Answering emails and phone calls
    • Managing client lists and information
    • Scheduling appointments and prepping for those appointments
    • Following up on inquiries
  • Administrative Tasks
    • Data entry
    • Invoicing
    • Accounts receivables
    • Creating training manuals
  • Project Coordinating
    • Onboarding, setting up and organizing projects
    • Liaising between clients and the project team
    • Managing project timelines and budgets
    • Providing support to team members such as project info, log-in info, etc
  • Business Development
    • Research for leads in your target market
    • Cold-calling potential leads
    • Build a lead list for you or your sales team
    • Creating opportunities for your sales developers
  • Reporting
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social media efforts
    • Client retention
    • New clients

It’s not always simple for a business owner to decide whether to hire a VA. Knowing if it’s the right move for your company can be challenging with so many variables to take into account. It’s crucial to take into account the operational capacity of your company as well as the way in which your employees are managed. By setting clear expectations and communicating openly with your VA, you can make the most of the many advantages they can bring to your business’ growth and bottom line.

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